WELCOME, gremlins!!!

I'm Skindi, a writer and artist currently based in San Diego, CA. I've got two ancient cats (Gambit an Rogue) and a troubling affinity for caffeine, literary zines, holographics, riot grrrl jams, and the rad, filthy skate culture that haunts Southern California. A year ago I started a local Girl Gang that doubles as an Art Collective known as the sick SICK sicks, with a roster filled with some of the most slammin', brainy, and inspiring babes I know across 3 cities. I also self-publish (at an utterly glacial pace) a literary art zine called Villain, so if you're interested in either of these projects, feel free to check 'em out while you're stuck here in my virtual wasteland.... 
Hope you like my pieces--they're all supremely personal labors of love and loathing.
xoxo , Skindi

Questions for me? Email 'em my way at skindianabonesart@gmail.com!