Villain Zine is an eclectic collection of overblown trash-lit written for and by well-read kids with poor attitudes. Each issue is compiled, edited, and tediously cut-n'-pasted by a jaded ginger within coffee shops made uncomfortable by her loitering. Though issues of Villain take decades to come out, they are eventually (read: inevitably) self-published at a higher cost than they're worth, locally distributed, and sold for the betterment of no one. Read at your own risk or whatever.


Send me your stuff below! All kinds of entries are accepted for review by the Editor-in-Creep: Fiction, Poetry, Opinion Pieces, Film/Art/Music Reviews, Academic Musings, Etc., though please understand that not all submissions will be accepted. Please also be aware that Villain is printed in black and white and has limited space (dimensions of each page are 8.5"x 5.5") so keep 'em short and sweet! No real theme, just rad writing. If it's art you're wanting to submit, send hi-res scans to Thanks, goons!
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Name (as you'd like it to be read if published)